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Explore and survive the deep ocean depths of an alien planet after your spaceship crashes

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1

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    7.8 (271)

This is a fun game that takes place in the ocean.

The concept of the game is to survive while in the ocean, battling fish and other animals that are on an alien planet. The colors and graphics do need a little work, as they are bland with the characters moving at a slow pace. There is an accident at the beginning of the game. Your spaceship crashes on a planet with aliens. The planet is covered by an ocean, so you're surrounded by water.

You do have a capsule on the ship that can be used as a base. While you're swimming through the ocean you have to look for a way to escape. It's not that easy because you're faced with aliens all around you. There are also several plants that are out to do harm to you and to prevent you from getting back to your capsule. There are materials that you can use to make buoys to stay on top of the ocean's surface and oxygen tanks. If you find the right materials you can make a submarine.

While playing the game you do have to keep in mind that you need to look for food to survive. The game does take a bit of time to get used to when it comes to crating the items that you need to survive. When you're in the water you want to delve deeper into the ocean to see what the water has to offer. As you get deeper into the water you'll see that there are larger fish that want to do more damage. Caves contain minerals that can give you more energy, but watch the corners as there are fish that lurk there, waiting for you to swim past to attack you.


  • Fun game to play with fish
  • Adventure at every turn
  • Decent appearance


  • Screen can become cluttered, making it hard to see

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